Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Health is Wealth- Constipation Prevention

A healthy body has a sound mind; we all know it very well. Improper food and wrong habits often lead us to diseases. When we fall ill then nothing is pleasant for us. What can make us live healthy? What can make us feel enthusiastic? If you are health conscious, then we have some effective tips for you which will be helpful in keeping you fit and fine. All our tips will keep all diseases away from you. Following are some tips to make you lead a blissful life.

No constipation:
You all know that constipation is the root cause of all diseases. So make it sure that you don’t have constipation. Constipation often leads us to stomach related diseases like stomach pain, gas, acidity, vomiting, headache, piles and gastrointestinal diseases. It also leads to severe foul smelling in stool. Sometimes you may find foams also. It’s all due to constipation. We have some effective tips for you to prevent you leading a hellish life.

  • Drink 3-4 glasses of water everyday before going to toilet. The water should be kept in a copper jug during bed time and take it before going to toilet. It will make you empty your bowels easily. You will also feel energetic during the whole day.
  • You can take any aayurvedic churn like raambaan, kayamchuran to break constipation.
  • Having gone to toilet, take as much water as you can. Stand up straight and bend at 90 degree. Then place your left hand on your belly and put your index and middle finger of your right hand in your mouth and try to stimulate your small tongue in mouth. It will make you vomit the water you have taken. The water must be come out very fast. It will make toxic and undigested food elements come out with water. If you find foam in your vomit then do this practice two or three times. It will prevent you from stomach related diseases. This practice is gajneti. The heart patient and blood pressure related patient must not do this practice. It can be harmful for them.
  • You should practice stomach related yoga like kapalbhati.
  • Those who do sitting jobs must go on jogging for 2-3 kilometers. It will make you feel hungry.
  • Never drink water just after taking food. It weakens the digestive system and can makes you ill. You can take water while taking food.
  • Eat very thing in an ordered way like first cold things then hot ones. Never do it reverse.
  • You should go on strolling after dinner and take light food only as you are going to bed. While sleep, we don’t need heavy food.
  • Don’t take greasy stuff if you don’t do much physical labor or you will be fat and likely to be ill.
  • During day, drink as much water as you can. It will dilute all toxins and make them come out of the body through urine. It also maintains your body temperature. It will prevent you from dehydration. If you are habitual of taking tea then you should drink 1-2 glasses of water. It is beneficial in acidity.
  • Always take fruits and vegetables according to season. It will make you healthy and enhance your immunity power to fight with the seasonable diseases. Water melon and musk melon can also do the same job which we expect from expensive fruits only.
  • Never eat stale food; it can cause you food poisoning. Don’t be stingy as you spend more on your illness which you want to save. So take fresh food and bid adieu to diseases.
  • Always take your supper two or three hours before bed time. It will help in digesting your food properly.
  • Once in a week, try to keep fast if possible. It will strengthen your digestive system.
  • Don’t drink liquor as it is very harmful to liver. If you are addicted to liquor and can’t give up, then you should not live hungry for a long time. You should also take nutritious food.

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