Friday, July 11, 2008

How to enhance your memory power

If you’re looking for some easy tips by which you can enhance your memory power. Following are some tips that can be a great help for you.

A. Those who have slow memory power, they should do meditation. It is very effective for mind related diseases. It makes you quick witted and sharp minded. But question is how to meditate. For mediation, there should be a separate room where nobody is going to disturb you. Sitting with cross legged and with closed eyes observe your breathing. You must be comfortable with your posture. You should feel totally relaxed. There will be numerous thoughts in your mind while meditation, but don’t go towards the thoughts. Just keep watching with non-attachment feeling. Try to concentrate on the middle of your eye brows which is also known as aagya chakra or third eye. The more practice you do, the faster you notice its benefits. No doubt, your memory power will be very sharp. This is an easy way of acquiring cosmic energy.

B. Always go to bed in time and get up in time. Irregular timings make your bio-clock upset. The consequences are lack of energy, lack of memory, and lack of concentration. So make it a note that you will always go to bed in time and get up in time.

C. Take a little amount of water continuously after a short brakes while reading your books or preparing for the exams.

D. Don’t cram anything. Just try to get it. Learn new meanings while connecting them with a particular topic. This is the best idea to make your reading stable in your mind for a long time.

E. Create your interest in the work which you are planning to undertake. Your interest will also be helpful in making you quick witted.

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