Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to get rid of Piles – Some useful tips

It is a very common disease. One out of hundred is suffering from it. In this disease the patient loses strength and he feels giddy also. This disease is related to constipation. Due to constipation, stool becomes dry and when it passes through the anus, it causes a lot of pain. The patient is not able to empty his bowels easily. This is called piles . When blood is also seen then it is called bloody piles . This disease makes the patient feel frustrated and tired soon. And when the patient sees the blood, he becomes very anxious. When it comes to women, they feel shame to tell it. Due to lack of care this disease becomes very dangerous and the patient has to be operated.


A. No constipation! The root cause of this disease is constipation. So don’t have constipation. If you constipation, then take two tea spoon of husk ( isbgol ki bhusi) with lukewarm milk before going to bed in the night.

B. Take as much water as you can, it is very important that you should not ignore it. Sometimes due to laziness and careless, we avoid it.

C. Don’t let body temperature go up. You can bring down your temperature by taking complete sleep and taking as much water as you can.

D. Do kapalbhati yoga every day keep your digestive system healthy.

E. To bring down body temperature, you can take husk curd.

F. If you have to sit for a long time during your job. Then you should go for jogging every day. It will make your body toxins come out with perspiration. It will also enhance your hunger as well as makes your digestive system work properly.

G. Don’t conceal your disease from your family members and take some treatment from the doctors. Delay in treatment may create big problem for you.

H. Whenever you have piles, don’t be worried. It is totally curable. Take green vegetables, beans, gruel (dalia) and easily digestible food.

I. No smoking and no eggs. Eggs have fat and if you don’t do physical labor then it is dangerous for. Eat light and be might.

J. Some fruits increases body temperature and may give you piles.

K. Don’t take hot milk as it increase your body temperature. You should take cold milk which is very beneficial.

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