Monday, July 14, 2008

Precautions for Asthma

Asthma is a common disease and makes one’s life completely hell. It is related to respiratory system and sometime becomes very cruel and may take one’ life. It is chronic disease and it’s very important for the asthma patients to take proper care and precautions regularly. An asthma patient feels totally exhausted when he suffers from attacks that enforce the system to breathe with difficulty. Some of the common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, panting and choking for breath. In this disease the patient does not get sufficient oxygen needed for lungs. Here are some precautions which can be very effective and protect you from asthmatic attack.
  • Morning walk is a panacea for asthma patients. It should be included in daily life. It makes your lungs strong and corrects respiratory system. At morning time the air is clean and refreshing and works like a healing power. At this time there is less pollution.
  • Asthma patients should practice yoga everyday. Some common and easy exercises like anulom and vilom (taking breath from one nostril and leave it from another) should be practiced. These exercises play a very important role in making you asthma free. The habit of early bed should be developed. Go to bed early and get up early in the morning. In this way he can improve his daily habits.
  • Asthma patients should avoid smoking completely. Smoking fills the system with many toxins and the respiratory system gets flooded with them. These toxins are major irritants to the respiratory tract and create an undue pressure on the system that may be too much for an asthmatic to handle. An asthmatic may get more bronchial spasms and is more likely to be affected with respiratory infections if he continues to smoke.
  • An asthma patient should take light food daily. The greasy and spicy food stuff must be avoided from. The food must be fat free. Vegetables and fruits should be taken. You should avoid from fast food as far as possible. It will help you from cough. You shouldn’t take stale food as it may cause you asthmatic attacks. Always take nutritious food which is helpful in keeping you healthy and fit.
  • You should always avoid from cold as it can cause you asthmatic attacks. Whenever you feel whistling sound in your lungs then you should be very careful. At that you can take boiled eggs. You can take clove and honey at an odd time of attack. You should be careful when you are wiping something dusty things. You room must be airy and free from humidity.
  • The best precaution of asthma is to avoid you from allergenic situations. Usually the main reason of asthma is the dusty atmosphere. Where very small organisms are found can cause you severe asthmatic attacks. Sometimes if you have attacks of asthma then don’t lose heart. If possible then chant ‘OM’ and make it a habit your life. I’m sure it will give you mental and spiritual peace. It will cultivate the habit of living a pious life.


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this comment is about the things which are written on "precautions of asthma". it is a very nice thing and we could gain a lot of knowledge from it.........

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Azam said...

The precautions listed are good. Can we know if Sauna or steam bath is good for Asthma patients?

Muhammad Azam Khan
Lahore, Pakistan

Cassiopia said...

oh dear God thank you for posting this! i have recently developed asthma and have been searching the web for help...please keep posting such articles !

Puja singh said...

Good advice is given ,really going to heal someone's pain.

Lokesh Singh said...

Awesome as per my doctor, all the things match here. Oh my god it's grate... Keep it up