Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yoga-A remedy of diseases

Yoga is very helpful in life. It strengthens the body as well as the mind. By practicing yoga everyday, we can keep the diseases at length. Yoga is the need of the day. But for doing yoga some precautions should be taken. Following are some tips which can be a great help for you.

  1. Morning is the best time for doing yoga. It should be practice before breakfast after going to toilet. At this time the air is fresh and we can concentrate much better due to cool mind. It makes us feel heavenly pleasures. You just need to give it a good start as you know; well begun is half done.
  2. The place where you are going to practice yoga must be neat and clean. It should be airy and free from insects, bugs and ants.
  3. You should take a glass of lukewarm water before beginning the exercise. You should be tension free. You should wear lose clothes like shorts and vest.
  4. Start with comfortable practices as it will sustain your interest. Sit in a padmasan and do anulom and vilom first. It is very bebeificial in asthma.
  5. Don’t speed up the exercises immediately. It can be very harmful than benefit. While stretching your limbs in certain exercises, you should keep your body flexibility in mind. Do not exert than your capacity.
  6. In the beginning you may feel some pain but you should not very at all. It will vanish when you continue the exercise.
  7. While in mediation, don’t enchant any mantra. Just feel relaxed and continue with it. It will enhance your memory power as well as your will power. Always feel that god is everywhere. Such feeling make your habits pious and take to the strange experiences.
  8. In kaplbhati, you should be very careful. First take as much air as you can then leave it slowly not very fast. After a good experience you can do fast. However in the starting if you do it fast then you may feel pain in your stomach.

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