Friday, January 2, 2009

Job Stress is the most common problem nowadays

Stress is the most common problem nowadays. It is a situation, which can disturb the normal physical and mental health of an individual. Stress can either force you to act and make you excited over something new or it can make you feel depressed, rejected, disgusted and angry. There are several types of stress one of them is job stress. With job stress, the stressors involved are work-related. Job stress is severe and it can affect you to a large extent if not treated at time. It may bring you some chronic diseases such as ulcers, obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression, anorexia, diabetes, gum disease, hyperthyroidism, sexual abuse, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders and psychological disorders.

As we told you earlier that job stress is harmful and dangerous, thus you should keep eagle eye watch on its symptoms. Earlier you figure out the cause effectively you can treat the problem. The possible causes for job stress are:

• Overwork: working late, taking work home, not taking vacation
• Impending layoffs
• Being in the wrong career
• Strife with boss or co-workers

If you catch symptoms early, you have a better chance of fixing the problem so you don't end up with more chronic and serious problems. Here's what to look out for:

• Job dissatisfaction
• Sleep disturbances
• Short temper
• Upset stomach
• Headache
• Disturbed relationships with family and friends
• Low morale
• Teeth grinding
• Increased use of drugs or alcohol
• Long-Term Problems

With the above description you will be well acquainted with the job stress. And you will be also able to know that how much severe it is. If you are suffering from job stress and want to prevent it then read the following tips. These tips will definitely help you to relieve the job stress.

• Seek out someone in the Human Resources department or a sympathetic manager and communicate concerns about job stress. Work with them in a non-confrontational way to improve working conditions, letting them know that productivity can be improved if some of the pressure is off.
• Establish or reinforce a network of friends at work and at home.
• Restructure priorities and eliminate unnecessary tasks.
• Learn to focus on positive outcomes.
• If the job is unendurable, plan and execute a career change. Send out resumes or work on transfers within the company.
• If this isn't possible, be sure to schedule daily pleasant activities and physical exercise during free time.


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