Thursday, February 12, 2009

How much severe the effects of stress can be

effects of stress
There are numerous effects of stress on the body and they can be drastic if you have long-term stress. Excess stress can reduce your capability to function in life. You should cure your stress before it becomes severe. In this article we will tell you that how much severe the effects of stress can be.

Sexual problems: Long-lasting stress can lead to loss of libido, or even short-term impotence in men. In women incapability to enjoy orgasm, reduced fertility, higher chances of miscarriage, and irregular periods are common.

Aging: Constant and excess stress may cause loss in neural and hormonal balance. This imbalance will cause increased oxidative damage accelerating aging in our body. That's because, persistent disturbances in body homeostasis ultimately affect our hormone secreting glands, cell repair and collagen in our skin and connecting tissues. Immune and neural degenerative diseases prevent this otherwise inevitable process from following the normal and healthy course of events. New researches confirm that long-term exposure to adrenal stress hormones may enhance brain aging in future.

Researchers tell the level of hormone released apparently affects the total volume of the brain's hippocampus—a major source of recall and memory function, in later life. They found those with high levels of hormone release, had a hippocampus volume 14 per cent less than those with lower levels. Their studies prove that continuous stress may accelerate hippocampal weakening leading to accelerated physical and brain aging.

Gastric problems: Stress is usually associated with peptic ulcer that is caused by bacteria or by the excessive intake of specific medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen. Some studies show that stress increases the risk of ulcers or prolongs the treatment of an existing ulcer.

Eating problems: Stress is often related to weight gain and obesity. When people are stressed they develop a desire towards salt and sugar and end up eating fatty and starchy foods to combat stress. Stressed people may also suffer a loss of hunger and loss of weight. In rare cases, chronic stress triggers hyperactivity of thyroid gland, and this causes the body to burn up calories at a rapid rate.

Health problems: You should keep stress away from your body; if you would not do so then several problems such as ulcers, obesity, heart disease, headaches, nausea, rashes, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, anorexia, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and sexual abuse may capture you anytime.

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