Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Most Common Causes of Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problem faced by teenagers and adults. Everybody is very cautious about their beauty. Since acne appears on the face itself, it becomes a big concern. People across the world spend big money in order to cure the acne. But what they only manage to do is to reduce the surface problem, while the problem remains beneath the skin. Therefore, the acne problem recurs throughout the youth of the person.

You should know the causes of acne in order to prevent or cure acne. Some most common causes of acne are:

  1. Age: Usually acne affects teenagers but it may also suffer adults and aged.

  2. Gender: Boys have more severe acne and develop it more often than girls.

  3. Illness: An ill person is more prone to acne than a healthy one.

  4. Heredity: An individual has more risk of acne with a family history of acne.

  5. Hormonal Imbalance: Acne can affect you easily during pregnancy, before menstruation and menopause.

  6. Junk food: Although they are not the primary cause of acne, certain foods such as chowmein, burger and pizza may bring on flare-ups or make the condition worse.

  7. Side effects of medication: Acne can be a side effect of specific antibiotics and anabolic steroids.

  8. Personal hygiene: Use of low grade soaps, hard scrubbing of the face, or handling pimples will often make them worse.

  9. Low grade cosmetics: Oil-based makeup and hair sprays worsen acne.

  10. Polluted environment: Contaminated air and sweating in hot weather can aggravate acne.

  11. Rubbing and friction: Continual pressure or rubbing on the skin by such things as backpacks, or tight clothing, as well as hard scrubbing of the skin, can worsen acne.

  12. Having more sexual desires in teenage may lead to acne. This is because increased sexual desire lead to overproduction of testosterone.

  13. Lack of retinal (Vitamin A) may cause acne.

You should be aware of all these causes. Follow a healthy regime, avoid junk food-heavy make-ups and go for regular diagnosis. Acne is a common problem and it can affect anybody. If it is also hampering you then don’t panic it is curable by medication, surgeries and therapies. You shouldn’t treat acne yourself, self treatment may aggravate the situation, consult an experienced medical professional who can fix the problem.

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