Saturday, May 2, 2009

How can you cantrol your acne problem?

Acne is one of the most common of all skin problems. It affects most teenagers to some degree and even more adults. Acne shows up as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and deep painful bumps that look like boils. Acne most commonly occurs on the face but can also appear on the neck, back, chest and shoulders. It is estimated that as many as 80% of people between 12 and 25 years of age suffer from acne. While in most people, acne clears up after few years, many suffer from permanent scarring of the skin.

Acne becomes a severe skin problem if doesn’t get cured at time. You should immediately treat your acne problem to avoid future problems. There are hundreds of acne control methods available that can help you for acne control.

Drink a lot of water to reduce the threat of dehydration, and it will also enable your body to properly shed and remove dead skin cells. Experts say that 8-10 glasses of water everyday is a healthy solution to many health issues, including the care and treatment of acne prone skin.

You should not scrub the affected area with hard objects, thinking that it will remove acne. Scrubbing is not a reliable option to cure acne, actually it increase the duration and occurrence of breakouts, because skin becomes extra oily after production is increased. That leads to more dead skin, in combination with the added oils. Thus avoid scrubbing because it may cause blemishes.

Add a healthy amount of vegetables, fruits and seeds in your diet. Eat fiber enriched foods such as salads, soups and even snack on them in order to add essential nutrients to your immunity. Dried fruits snacks, fruit juices and low sugar fruits can also be used to get smoother and healthy skin.

Decrease the amount of processed sugars, caffeine and carbohydrates in your diet. It is not necessarily the food or content that is bad for your skin rather the effects of the food on the rest of your body that eventually react within the skin. Caffeine increases stress levels with very small doses, so try decaf when possible. Stress does play a role in the condition of acne prone skin. Refined carbohydrates and sugars increase insulin production within the body, and when there is a surge of insulin in the body, the chemicals that trigger the production of oil increase. Thus, more oil, more breakouts.

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saad said...

Everyone suffers from acne in at least once in their life. No one is exempt from this skin disorder. We may have been bothered by acne and somehow, it caused depression and low self-esteem.