Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Asthma Causes and Risk Factors

Asthma AirwaysAsthma is a situation in which lungs swell up and a person get difficulty to take breathe. This infection creates when airways come in contact with antigen and that makes the airways ultimately sensitive. It surges sensitivity to an allergic reaction and airways can passes less air to lungs due to become smaller size. Main problem due to this is breathing problem and coughing. 

 Causes Of Asthma

Allergies: Many ways to enter allergens in human body like fever, food, drink, pets (cats, and dogs) dust mites, cockroaches, molds, medicines, pollen and fungi. Allergic reactions caused by antibiotic in the blood often lead to the airway infection which is the main factor of asthma.

Asthma Causes
Smoking: Tobacco smoking creates higher risk for death due to asthma, breathing problems, chest pain and coughing. Cigarette contains so many chemicals that can infect our lungs and increase the chances asthma. Babies also infected by these chemicals, whose mothers smoked during pregnancy. So if you smoke, Please keep away your children from any level of the smoke. Every person should know that tobacco smoke risk can trigger an asthma attack in your child.

Stress: Stress increase asthma rate higher. Emotional stress is also changes heart bit rates and breathing patterns. In many cases smoking is also encouraged by stress which can trigger asthma. However, recent research has suggested that the immune system is modified by stress as well. There is rapid, shallow breathing causing constriction of airways and this consequently leads to an asthmatic attack.

Obesity: People with Overweight have more chances of asthma attack as compared to people who are not overweight. So make your body fit by Yoga and Exercises and control your diet if you are overweight.

Respiratory infections: Respiratory infections like Viral and bacterial can trigger asthma attack. These are common fever, cold and flu infections. These are play very important role of asthma attack in children.
Pregnancy: Mothers Smoking during pregnancy increase chances of asthma risks. Their children have lowered pulmonary function. Caesarean section also increases asthma risk in babies. During Cesarean case, bacterial infections exposed.

There are so many other factors also responsible for asthma attack. We should try to aware these factors and save yourself and your children from asthma infection.

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