Monday, March 28, 2016

Do You Know: What is Diabetes and How Many Types of It?

When we take food, our body transforms it in glucose or sugars. This glucose enters in our cells with the help of insulin, which are released by pancreas.

Diabetes occurs when pancreas doesn’t release enough insulin to help glucose to enter in our body cells. Because short of insulin, amount of glucose increases too high in our blood.

Our body doesn’t make proper use of glucose and our body energy level reduces day by day. Insulin plays a key role to open body cells to enter glucose and convert to energy. In diabetes pancreas doesn’t work properly to produce insulin.

Due to going these things wrong, our body’s glucose level increase, but energy level decrease.

We can Categories Diabetes in 2 Types:

Type 1: In this condition, pancreas doesn’t release insulin to open cells to enter glucose and our blood glucose level goes too high due to it.

Type 2: In this condition pancreas not release enough insulin to open cells and produced insulin do not work properly to open body cells to enter glucose. We can’t make proper use of glucose to generate energy.

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