Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fruits and Vegetable Benefits to Control Diabetes

To control diabetes and live a healthy life, we should make a diet plan including fruits, vegetables, pluses, milk, oats, fish, etc. To lower you blood sugar level, we should take high in fiber foods like grains, oats, channa, vitamins & minerals etc. Avoid all foods containing Maida or should use it with vegetables.

Fruits like Papaya, apple, pear, berries, orange, etc are also high in fiber resources which help lower your blood sugar level and consume food without difficulty. Fruits consumed easily and does not let the blood sugar level increase early.

The following List of fruits and vegetables are beneficial to live healthy life and help to control diabetes:

Apples are helpful to get rid of type 2 diabetes. It is a good fruit for diabetics because contains high fiber with low calories. Apple decreases cholesterol level low and control blood sugar up and downs. Eat apples in breakfast, lunch and dinner like baked apple, salad, etc. to get more benefits. We need daily eating of fiber 25 gram for women and 38 gram for men. Apple can help us to fulfill this need. It is a good source for vitamin C and including other vitamin and minerals. A small apple contains calories, fiber and carbohydrate. Apple helps diabetics to control blood sugar and faster recovery of infections.

Red and blue berries contain anthocyanins or called natural plant compounds. Berries are rich of fiber & antioxidants which help us to control blood sugar by increasing insulin production.

Broccoli is a fiber rich food which contains fiber, antioxidants, and chromium. Broccoli helps us to control diabetes by controlling blood sugar. You can use broccoli as vegetable or in soup, pasta and other dishes.

Beans, barley, carrots, asparagus, milk, oatmeal, nut, seeds and pluses are some other sources of vitamins and fiber. These are helpful to control diabetes if we include them in our daily diet.

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Awesome post!!! For healthy life. I am very interested in your blog. After reading your blog, I am planning to start taking organic fruits and vegetables on my day to day life. Thanks for sharing healthy information. Keep blogging.

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