Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Stay Slim and Healthy Without Much Efforts? Five Interesting Secrets!

A new study revealed an interesting health secret that most slim people don’t take up restrictive diets or healthy system to stay slim and healthy, said Dr. Brian Wansink. If we are maintaining simple, healthy routines may be one enveloping rule then it is easier to maintain good health. When healthy habits are added to a person’s daily routine, they become habitual and feel less- duty like.

Initially, when added a new habit to your lifestyle, you won’t feel good at first, but when you continue to include it, the easier it will be for you to do. Following are the five secrets that healthy people include in their daily diet:

Take breakfast daily: People who skip their breakfast, consume large amount of calories in lunch. But, people who take healthy breakfast always stay slim and healthy. We should take fruits, milk, vegetables, etc. They provide energy to the body and mind with slimness.

Exercise in daily routine: Adding exercise in daily routine could help in burning our extra calories and refreshing our brain. It helps us to reduce our body weight as well as decrease the amount of stress, depression and risk of diabetes. With exercise, we should include healthy diet in our daily routine.       
Scale your body: Slim people are habitual of daily weight-ins. They weigh themselves daily or at least once in a week. Weighing is a good practice to slim your body and lose weight. Stepping on the scale should be like brushing your teeth”, David Levitsky, a professor of nutrition and psychology said.

Don’t restrict yourself to eat: You can eat what you want, but try to cook at home. High quality and low processed food do not harm your body. They help you to trim calories and provide a healthier life with slim body structure. Low processed food cooked at home is a smart way to save your money and burn your calories.

Take food mindfully: Before taking food, we should think what we are putting in our bodies. People who don’t do any effort to slim their bodies, but eat foods mindfully always stay healthy. They always feel good living a healthy life. So, always choose your food mindfully.

So we can naturally be slim and healthy, if we include healthy habits in our daily routine. Do exercise, take healthy food, try to cook at home, eat food mindfully, scale your body and eat breakfast daily are the smart ways to stay healthy and feel and look good with slim body. It is a new start towards a healthier lifestyle.

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