Wednesday, March 23, 2016

News about How to Chase Health Insurance Price Hikes - By John Collett

People with private health insurance will be hit from April 1 with another round of big premium rises, but Rochelle Franks and her husband Gavin are not going to sit back and take it.

"It's difficult when there is such an increase in fees when you are not getting a comparable increase in your pay," Rochelle says.
They switched their health fund a few years ago and are looking at switching again, this time to another policy by the same insurer. "We've been reviewing our policy to see if it is the best one for our needs," Rochelle says.
While private health insurance companies have lifted premiums by a cumulative 72 per cent over the past decade – almost three times the inflation rate – consumers also have more options than ever to tailor their cover.
The key is to exclude cover that is unlikely to be needed, and remember that you can mix and match insurers for extras or hospital cover, or for different members of a family.

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