Friday, March 18, 2016

Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

If you would like to burn your belly fat by taking less calorie foods, we advise you to eat healthy foods, fruits, nuts and juices that contain vitamins, protein and rich of fiber. Water is also a good source to cut your body fat. Following Tips can help you to reduce your belly fat:
  • Take low calories diet with rich fiber food. 
  • Add leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, garlic, peppermint, collards in your daily meal. 
  • Add vegetables and fruits those contain lot of water like Cucumber and watermelon. 
  • Include nuts and seeds in your daily diet. 
  • Add juices and soups in your daily diet plan. 
  • Beans are also helpful in reducing weight. 
  • Blueberry is beneficial to reduce belly fat because it is a rich fiber and low calorie fruit. 
  • Include an avocado in your daily diet and see how your belly fat melts away. Avocado is full of fiber and protein. 
  • Add broccoli in your diet plan to reduce your belly fat. It is a big source of fiber and calcium. 
  • Brown rice and barley are more sources of fiber that help you to cut your belly fat. Brown rice contains resistant starch that enhances metabolism and reduces fat. 
  • Do daily exercises and yoga that will be beneficial for your health and mind. 
  • Take daily 20-25 minutes bicycle riding to reduce your body weight. It is a great way to reduce your belly fat as well as cost effective way to travel your office or other areas you want. 
  • Do Reverse crunch exercise, vertical crunch exercise and ball crunch exercise daily bases. These exercises are best for burning calories from your body. 
  • Cardio Exercise is another way to burn lot of your body calories. This exercise can cut off your extra fat around your waistline and easily reduce your belly fat, if you do it on daily basis for 15 -20 minutes. 
  • Running and walking are best exercises to reduce belly fat as well as cut all over body fat. 
  • If you want to shed your belly fat with your mind refreshment, you should swim everyday for 30 minutes. It is a good exercise that helps you to tone your body and reduce your body fat. 

You can burn lot of calories and reduce your belly fat within few weeks, if you do these simple exercises and take healthy foods & fruits with lot of water. Above tips are very simple to follow but very effective for us to maintain your health and reduce belly fat. You can do all activities at home or in any park without paying any cost. So make your daily diet and exercise plan with strong will power and chase your goal.

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